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How much can businesses expect to save by installing ENERGY STAR qualified products?

Energy savings vary depending upon the geographic location and climate, existing insulation levels in the building, the type of surface replaced by the ENERGY STAR product, openings, and other factors, making it hard to accurately predict. However it is not unusual for a 10-15% reduction in peak air-conditioning demand.

Will we save money even if we have a well-insulated building?

Yes. Very simply, a cool, reflective surface allows your other components to work more efficiently. It also reduces maintenance needs later on.

How do ENERGY STAR qualified roof products compare with standard roof products in terms of durability?

ENERGY STAR understands that water tightness, durability, and longevity of a roof are the primary concerns of building owners. Participating manufacturers must back their compliant roof products with warranties that are comparable to their other roof products.

How does a roof product qualify for the ENERGY STAR label?

Roof products that meet or exceed solar reflectance without compromising product quality and performance, qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. These products must meet initial tests, and be tested years after application, to certify that they continue to meet the required demands.